Doll Secrets sews for Ball Jointed Dolls
1/3 BJD Super Dollfie; about 23" tall; 63 cm.
My model is Volks Nono
Tiny BJD
This is Felix.  He's about 4 1/2" tall.
I haven't made anything for him yet but I can surely manage leggings.  LMK what you  need.
I can't remember who this is: Do you know?
Anyway, she's about 10" tall, size of YoSD.
Fits my Ann Estelle/Patsy size
Creedy 12" BJD fits my Patience size.
All the slim 11-12" BJD's will fit this size.
16" BJD fits my Kish size.
18" BJD has her own size.
Shown here on Kaye Wiggs Gracie.
Tights for 11-12" Slim BJD $3/pair
Tights for 16" BJD $4/pair
Tights for 18" BJD $4.50/pair
Tights for Super Dollfie $7.50/pair
Select what you want to buy and pick the fabric choice from my Fabrics page.
Starting with tights.  Other items will be added as requested.
Tights for 10" YoSD BJD
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