Doll Secrets
I have much more fabric than I show here.  
If there is something specific you need, please ask.
Please list fabric name and number on Paypal form
Fabric shades may vary due to screen variations and changes in suppliers.
Sheer Glissenette fabric for hose
Can sometimes be used for tights but may wrinkle at ankle.
G1 Matte Nude
G2 Pale nude
G3 Shimmery Nude
G4 Suntan
G5 Mocha
G6 Brown
G7 Black 
G8 Small black fishnet
G9 Large black fishnet
G10 Navy
G11 White
G12 Ivory 
G13 Fuchsia
G14 Silver
G15 Gold
G16 Pink
G17 Lavender
G18 Baby Blue
G19 Metallic Silver
G20 Metallic Gold
G21 Red
G22 Red fishnet
G23 White with black dots
G24 White lace
G25 Black lace
G26 Pink glitter
G27 Beige glitter
G28 Black glitter
G20 Black with silver spiderwebs
G30 Red/black flames
Cotton/lycra fabric for tights, t-shirts, turtlenecks, capris, leggings and socks

C1 White
C2 Off-white
C3 Grey
C4 Charcoal
C5 Black
C6 Pink
C7 Rose
C8 Hot pink
C9 Red
C10 Maroon
C11 Yellow
C12 Mustard
C13 Orange
C14 Lavender
C15 Purple
C16 Beige
C17 Taupe
C18 Rust
C19 Brown
C20 Baby Blue
C21 Cornflower blue
C22 Royal blue
C23 Navy
C24 Aqua
C25 Teal
C26 Mint 
C27 Green
C28 Lime
C30 Hunter green
S1 1/8" black/white or light grey
S2 1/8" pink/white
S3 1/8"bluewhite
S4 Narrow baby blue/white
S5 Narrow pink/hot pink/white
S6 Narrow brown/white
S7 Purple/white 
S8 Hot pink/white
S9 1/4" Navy/white
S10 3/8" orange/white
S11 pink/yellow/lime sunny stripe
S12 red & white stripe
S13 Black/white
S14 1/4" green/white
S15 3/8" yellow/white
S16 Narrow yellow/hot pink
S17 Narrow brown/rasberry
S18 Pink/hot pink
S19 Multi-stripe 
S20 white, pink, lime parfait
S21 Turquoise/white
S22 Purple/lavender
S23 Red/blue
S24 Grey/blue/white
S25 Purple/creme/lavender
S26 Lime/periwinkle
S27 Teal/aqua
S28 Red/black
S29 Lime/pink/hot pink/black
S30 Rainbow
Cotton/lycra pattern
D1 Red / black dot
D2 White / blue dot
D3 Red / tiny white dot
D4 Hot pink / navy dot
D5 Yellow / black dot
D6 Blue / dark blue dot
​D7: Blue / light blue dot
D8 Grey / white dot
D9 Pink / white dot
D10 Turquoise / white dot
D11Green / white dot
D12 Lavender / white dot
D13 Olive / lime dot
D14 Orange / red dot
D15 Navy / green dot
D16 White / olive dot
D17 Lime / white dot
D18 Lime / green dot
D19 White / black dot
D20 Black / white dot
D21 White / grey dot
D22 Pink / red dot
D23 White / red dot
D24 Red / white dot
D25 Navy / white dot
D26 Brown / white dot
D27 White / hot pink dot
D28 Hot pink / yellow dot
D29 Aqua / purple dot
D30Turquoise / yellow dot

Holiday & Special  Fabrics

H1 Orange/BROWN stripes
H2 Orange/ black dot
H3 Orange/ black stripe (1/2")
H4 Orange/ purple stripe (1/2")
H5 Purple/ orange & lime dots
H6 Purple/ black dot
H7 Purple/ black stripe
H8 Lime/ purple dot
H9 Lime/ black dot
H10 Purple/ orange/ lime stripe (1/2")
H11 Narrow red/ green stripe
H12 3/8" red green stripe
H13 Wavy stripe
H14 White/ red & green dots
H15 White/ large spaced dots
H16 White/ green snowflakes
H17 White/ red snowflakes
H18 White/ red & green snowflakes
H19.Lime/ big dots
H20 Lime/ small dots
H21 Red/ snowflakes
H22 White/ gold glitter
H23 Red/ tiny white flowers
H24 Red/ dark pink dots
H25 Dark pink/ red dots
H26 Baby blue/ tiny white flowers
H27 Lime/ white flowers
H28 Red/ white flowers
H29 Blue/ white stars
H30 Stretch denim

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