Doll Secrets LOVES to sew for Sasha!
Tights for Sasha are made of cotton/lycra fabric and have seam in back of leg.  Some of the glissenette fabrics are also appropriate for special occasions. $4/pair  
Sometimes ankle socks are better.  Made in cotton/lycra fabrics with tiny seams in back.  $2.50/pr
Knee socks also available for $3.00/pr
Like us humans, Sasha prefers to wear underwear under her clothing.  Lightweight cotton or cotton/lycra fabric.  Usually made in white, but it never hurts to ask if you prefer another color

Only need the undies?  $4/pr
Sasha is a DOLL to sew for, so she has more choices than her friends.  Like this T-shirt: cotton/lycra fabric with back snap or hook and eye closing: $6/each.
Also available as a Turtleneck: $6.50
Or choose the 6 piece mix 'n match:
3 boatneck t-shirts and
3 pr capris or leggings: $24.99
For your little dancer, choose a leotard and tights $14.99/set
12" Baby Sasha
WAAA!  All I have so far are tights $3/pair
Does your Sasha or Baby have other needs?
It never hurts to ask!
Jockey shorts for Gregor $5/pair
Capri pants $4/pair
Or leggings, also $4/pair
fabric numbers:
 More items available for Gregor on the MALE DOLLS page
For all items, choose your fabric from the Fabric Selection page and enter the number and/or name in the color box.
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